is a nonprofit project, entirely built using open source software, which mainly hosts a large public news server.  However, this site also provides some other free resources that are listed and described below.

News server Travel blog
News server hosts a public news server, a USENET site that is intentionally kept open for all IP addresses without requiring any kind of authentication both for reading and posting. Spam, pornography, paedophilia, and any kind of abuses are not tolerated.
Currently service is provided by two different hosts: and SSL and TLS are supported by both ones.
Please, carefully read project site before starting to use it.
Travel blog also hosts a small travel blog, written in italian, that tries to take a census of abandoned villages around Rome. Although many of these villages are in ruins, some are very suggestive and completely unknown to the general public.
Visiting these places requires a lot of caution, especially during the winter and when it rains, due to the danger of collapse of the ruins and the risk of accidents.
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